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About Ogawa Tosho,Ltd. ABAJ, ILAB
Ogawa Tosho has for many years been one of the most important Japanese specialists in the literature of Britain and America.
With our base in scholarly collections, we also handle many rarities, as well. In addition, we also enjoy exploring the cultural interaction of Japan and the West, an interest reflected in our inventory of rare Western works on Japan, philological works, dictionaries and grammars.
We are ideally located in Tokyo's Jimbocho book district, the heart of the Japanese book trade.

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Ogawa Tosho Catalogues

English Literature & Linguistics

ENo.66@(June 2009) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.67@(December 2009) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.68@Special issue: Dictionaries published in Japan at the Taisho and the Showa era. (June 2010) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.69@(November 2010) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.70@(June 2011) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.71@(November 2011) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.72@(June 2012) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.73@(November 2012) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.74@(May 2013) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.75@(November 2013) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.76@(May 2014) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.77@(November 2014) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.78@(May 2015) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.79@(November 2015) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.80@(May 2016) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.81@(November 2016) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.82@(May 2017) ¨¨¨@PDF
ILLUSTRATED BOOKS CATALOGUE 2017 (from the catalogue No.82)
ENo.83@(November 2017) ¨¨¨@PDF
ENo.84@(June 2018) ¨¨¨@PDF

Our catalogues of ABAJ International Rare Book Fair @The biennial exhibition of rare books that are sponsored by Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Japan.

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